A u t h o r s ...

M e l i s    S o y a s l a n o v a 
- *1993, Brighton Institute of Modern Music
- lyrics, vocal, music (tracks 3 & 4)
- smelis(at)seznam.cz,



R i c h a r d   V a c u l a
- pianos PETROF, music (tracks 1 & 2), sound engineer
- richard.vacula(at)gmail.com,

Photo (c) Milan Mainuö


O n l i n e  a u d i o  s t r e a m

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C o v e r   h e a d 


C o v e r   b a c k 


L y r i c s

C l o u d s 

My body is tired of having fun
Of being broken inside out
Restless my mind seems
It searches for peace but it canít find.

Innocent silly people haunted by sentiment
Followed by multiple shadows
And kissed by a light of a nightlamp
Running through the delicate and sacred and silent pavements

Freeze me in the moment and hold my back
Cause everytime I look behind I lose my track
I lose a part of my head, my health, myself, oh.

And sometimes it changes by becoming love without clouds.


S i l e n t   c o n v e r s a t i o n s 

20 thousand birds take off each year
5 thousand tigers have been put to sleep
I am human I can only walk for miles 
for I have feet

What has been lost
While we were waiting
Inhaling oxygen and holding it in
All of us barefoot
Children demonstrating
Loving violence, believing in fear.

All of a sudden I cannot understand
People trying to reach my hand are failing
I want to feel a touch while falling
Hear someoneís voice in my head
But only if they are laughing
My ear and his heavy breath

2x:Nothing has been lost while we were waiting
Windows are closed, my eyes are wide open
There are no maybes in life
Just silent conversations with words unspoken


F l o a t   i n t o  

Are you a movie?
Are you a song?
Are you a play/pause or are you the stop?
Are you the forwards or are you not?
You are the devil with the curse on your lips.

I am the ocean and you are the shore
We are the waves and we are even more.
We are the fish and the world is a net
Catching us when thereís no way back

What did we float into 4X

I am the music and you are the tracks
You are the rocks I am the ship wrecks
We are the colours of day and night
You are the darkest, Iím so bright

I am the pavement that leads you home
I am your pillow when you sleep alone
I am the silence, a whisper within
You are the tonic and Iím the gin

What did we float into 4X


T a k e   m e   h o m e 

I see myself on photographs
I see my reflections in your eyes
I feel my breath is cold
I beg you, wonít you take me home?

Take me home. Take me home.

I listen to you and all I hear 
are words you say
but do you mean them too?
I feel your breath is cold
I beg you, wonít you take me home?

Take me home, take me home,
Take me home, take me home.


To buy the original vinyl album, please, contact Melis or Richard.

[copyright 2013 PostÝeh, o.s.]


Frozen photos (c) VladimŪr Schmidt